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Wife separation leads to fatal attack: Police launch manhunt for suspect

The Attack

A family dispute turned tragic when Tavonga Chitoro, a man from Mberengwa, allegedly attacked and killed his 22-year-old brother-in-law, Prince Makowa, with an axe after accusing him of breaking up his marriage. The incident happened last month at Sokile Village, Mberengwa District.

According to police reports, Chitoro accused Makowa of playing a role in his separation from his wife. He attacked Makowa while he was sleeping outside his house, leaving him with deep cuts on both legs and his right hand.

Victim’s Death and Police Investigation

Makowa was rushed to the hospital but died a few days later. Midlands provincial police spokesperson, Inspector Emmanuel Mohoko, confirmed the incident and urged the public to avoid resorting to violence when resolving disputes.

“On 19 March 2023 at around 2am, Makowa was asleep outside his house at his homestead when the suspect came and struck him with an axe all over the body. The suspect accused the deceased of causing the separation between him and his wife,” he said.

“The matter was reported to the police on the same day at around 7am and our officers attended the scene, but the suspect could not be located.”

Police have since launched a manhunt for the suspect, who fled the scene after the incident. They urge anyone with information on Chitoro’s whereabouts to come forward.

Community Reaction and Expert Opinion

The incident has shocked and saddened the local community, with many expressing their condolences to the Makowa family. One resident of Sokile Village, who wished to remain anonymous, said: “This is a tragedy for our community. We cannot believe that something like this could happen here. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Makowa family during this difficult time.”

The incident serves as a reminder of the dangers of unresolved conflicts within families. As one expert notes: “Family conflicts can often escalate quickly and become violent, especially when individuals are dealing with complex emotional issues such as marital problems. It is important for families to seek help and support from professionals to address these issues before they escalate into tragedy.”

As the search for Chitoro continues, the Makowa family is still reeling from the loss of their son and brother. The community is rallying around them to offer support during this difficult time.