Build Homes For Yourself, Not For Your Children: Chief Tells Subjects After Rural Mansion Abandoned[Image: Twitter/Masvingo Mirror]

Chief Gutu Urges Subjects to Build for Themselves, Not Their Children

Retired Colonel Mutero Johane Masanganise, a former schools’ inspector and Zanla combatant, died at the age of 64 in Masvingo and was declared a provincial hero. At his funeral, Chief Gutu made a statement that caught the attention of many. He urged his subjects to build homes for themselves and not for their children. The chief used his late brother Masanganise’s unoccupied and unmaintained house as an example of what could happen when people build homes with the future generation in mind.

The Importance of Building for Oneself

Chief Gutu spoke about how his late brother Masanganise built a big house for his children, but after they left to start their own lives, the house became unoccupied and unmaintained. The chief emphasized the importance of building homes for oneself and not for the next generation. “We must build for ourselves and not for our children. Our children can always build their own homes. We need to take care of ourselves first and not neglect ourselves in the name of building a legacy,” Chief Gutu stated.

Build Homes For Yourself, Not For Your Children: Chief Tells Subjects After Rural Mansion Abandoned
Image For Representation Only [Image: Twitter/Masvingo Mirror]

Reaction to the Statement

The chief’s statement has sparked a lot of reactions, with many people agreeing with him. Some people believe that building homes for oneself is the best way to secure a future, while others argue that building for the next generation is a way to leave a legacy. Despite the varied opinions, the chief’s words have brought the importance of building for oneself to the forefront.

More On Col Masanganise

The late Zanla combatant, Retired Colonel Mutero Johane Masanganise (64) died in Masvingo and was declared a provincial hero.

Masanganise was, however, not buried at the Provincial Heroes Acre in Masvingo after his family made presentations to have him laid to rest at his rural homestead at Mudzitiri Village in Gutu Central on Saturday.

The Chipinge Times reports that Col Masanganise worked in the Zanla logistics departments during the liberation struggle.

His elder brother Professor Rangarirai Masanganise said his brother’s sudden death came as a great shock as the deceased spent his last day at his farm and had also spoken to him at length on the day. He did not make any complaints about his health, although he suffered from diabetes.

“After talking to him earlier in the day I called at night only to be told that he was at Masvingo Provincial Hospital and he was no longer talking. A little while later he passed on,” said Professor Masanganise.

He described his late brother as hardworking, principled, jovial and loving father, husband and sibling.

He attended schools which include Chamisa, Mutunduru and Waddilove Primary schools and Mutero Secondary school. He was a qualified mechanical engineer.

Rtd Col Masanganise who was a member of the RCZ was survived by his wife Annanciata Yeukai Masanganise knee Chibukwa, 14 children, 4 boys and 10 girls.