Prophet Evidence Chari Exposes Prophetess Hadassah Caroline Dark Secret[Image Credit: Facebook]

Prophet Evidence Chari Exposes Prophetess Hadassah Caroline Dark Secret

Following an ugly encounter during a recent church service last week, Prophet Evidence Chari retaliates against Prophetess Hadassah Caroline by exposing her dark secret.

Reconciliation in Harare Central Business District

After the heated confrontation, Prophet Chari claims to have made peace with Prophetess Caroline during a meeting held in the Harare Central Business District. He explained that he refrained from sharing live videos about the issue to respect the meeting called by Prophetess Caroline.

“I delayed shooting live video about my issue with Prophetess Hadassah because of the meeting she called for,” said Prophet Chari.

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Apologies and Complications

Prophet Evidence Chari

Prophet Chari expressed that Prophetess Caroline apologized for her actions, acknowledging the support he provided to her and her relatives while they resided in his mansion. Evidence also stated that he had been driving her vehicle since they were living together as a family, and the vehicle was insured under his name. He mentioned that Prophetess Caroline received compensation for an accident that nearly cost him his life, questioning any additional compensation she may be seeking.

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Allegations of Separation and Threats

Prophet Evidence Chari and Maphosa

Chari informed his followers that Prophetess Hadassah had separated from her husband and was now living with a pastor based in South Africa. However, Prophetess Hadassah neither confirmed nor denied the statements, citing threats of exposure if she continued to engage in a dispute with Chari.

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Tensions with the Media

In a separate development, Prophet expressed discontent with the coverage provided by H-Metro regarding the church brawl. He even threatened to hack the H-Metro website, expressing his dissatisfaction with their reporting.