Gold Miner Lost His Life After Blueticking Archbishop Mutumwa's Prophecy[Image Credit: Bmetro]

Gold Miner Lost His Life After Blueticking Archbishop Mutumwa’s Prophecy

A gold miner from Gwanda lost his life in a road accident after ignoring Archbishop Emmanuel Mutumwa’s prophecy. Archbishop Emmanuel is the leader of Johane Masowe eChishanu and had warned the miner three times about the imminent danger.

Miner Rejects Prophecy and Faces Fatal Consequences

Despite Archbishop’s repeated attempts to convey the message, the miner dismissed the prophecy. He believed that it was motivated by financial gain. Mutumwa’s desperate pleas to the miner and his employees however were captured on video.

Prophecy Confirmation, Congregants Speak Out

Archbishop Mutumwa

Following the accident, a senior congregant verified that Mutumwa had indeed prophesied the miner’s death. The preacher had foretold the fatal accident on multiple occasions. He had urged the miner’s family to encourage him to seek prayers.

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Fatal Accident on the Way to Bulawayo

Ignoring the plea for prayers, the miner’s fate was sealed when he was involved in a fatal accident on his way to Bulawayo. The chilling incident aligned with the prophet’s earlier warnings.

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Prophet’s Defense, Fulfilling Divine Duty

In response to the criticism, Archbishop Mutumwa somberly defended his prophecy. He emphasized that it was his duty as a prophet to relay the messages and visions revealed to him by God. He expressed his condolences to the grieving family.

“Months before the fatal accident happened I tried to reach out to him via his relatives who attended all the church services,” said Archbishop. “I prophesied about the issue. I even asked one of his workers to reach out to him but he refused to come.”


Although the Archbishop’s prophecies were accurate, he acknowledges that belief is a personal choice and respects different religious views. In a related development, prominent prophet Passion Java recently foretold the death of a CCC leader Chamisa, and we await the prophecy’s fulfillment.