74-Year-Old Gogo Abandoned by Own Children, Now Bedridden On Brother's WifeGogo with her younger sister

74-Year-Old Gogo Abandoned by Own Children, Now Bedridden On Brother’s Wife

A 74-year-old granny, Gogo Jane Ndlovu from Plumtree who was abandoned by her own children and is now being a taken care for by her brother’s wife.

Gogo Left Alone in Her Time of Need

Gogo Jane, who had hoped for care from her children in her old age, has been left in a vulnerable and uncertain situation. None of her five children is making any effort to care for her.

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Devastation as Youngest Daughter Removes Support

Adding to the already dire situation, granny’s youngest daughter  took her children away, who were leaving with granny. This left granny devastated and alone. The grandchildren had been assisting in taking care of their granny.

Stroke Renders Gogo

74-Year-Old Gogo Abandoned by Own Children, Now Bedridden On Brother's Wife
Gogo with her younger sister

Tragedy struck when grandmother Ndlovu suffered a stroke, leaving her unable to care for herself. Her brother’s wife, Sikhangezile Moyo, became the sole caretaker for the bedridden grandmother.

Complications Arise as Medical Attention is Required

Granny Ndlovu went sick and got admitted to a private hospital but couldn’t get help. She was transferred to the United Bulawayo Hospitals for further medical attention as complications had risen. Went she was released, Sikhangezile took care of her mother. Unfortunately for reasons unknown, she couldn’t continue living with her mother. So she decided to took her to her elder sister’s house in Pumula East.

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Elder Daughter Refuses Taking Care of Gogo

Upon arrival, granny’s eldest daughter, Sibonokuhle “Sethu” Ndlovu, expressed her inability to manage her mother’s medical needs. She insisted that her mother be taken back to the village but granny’s, brother’s wife refused.

Denials Amidst Accusations

When approached for comment granny’s kids, Sibonokuhle and Nyasha, disputed the allegations against them. They claimed that their aunt was seeking conflict and defended their actions.

“I am a quiet person and do not love talking much. All that my mother’s sister is saying is not true, she just wants a fight with me,” stated Sibonokuhle.


As the situation surrounding Gogo Ndlovu unfolds, it highlights the heartbreaking reality faced by neglected elderly individuals. Toxic Ties has made an article on what causes and how to prevent parents from encountering these situations in the future.