Ginimbi's Dreams Night Club Public Auction Hints at Dramatic End[Image Credit: Facebook]

Is This the Last Dance for Ginimbi’s Dreams Night Club? Public Auction Hints at Dramatic End

Is this the last dance for Ginimbi’s Dreams Night Club? A once-thriving hotspot, teeters on the edge of oblivion as management shockingly reveals plans for a public auction, slated for November 16th.

Dreams Decline after Ginimbi’s Demise

The Late Ginimbi Enjoying Himself In Dreams Night Club

Since the tragic passing of Genius Kadungure, Dreams has struggled to maintain its former allure, with its relevance fading away. Now, with the management’s decision to hold an auction, it seems like the final chapter for Ginimbi’s dream night club.

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Items up for Auction

List Of All Items Up For Auction

The auction is set to take place at Dreams Club, 147 Kwame Nkrumah Avenues and will feature an extensive list of items available for sale. Among the items listed are six bar refrigerators, one bar sink, two display upright fridges, and a range of other club-related equipment.

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Conditions for Sale

Prospective buyers should take note of the following conditions set for the auction. Firstly, a deposit of US$400 is required for most items, while a deposit of US$1,000 is necessary for the purchase of a P.A. system. The deposit is refundable upon meeting all sale conditions.

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Strict Sale Protocol

To maintain order and ensure transparency, only registered bidders will be granted access to the auction. The sale catalog will be available at a cost of USD$10 per head, providing detailed information about the items on offer.

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The Future of Dreams

Dreams Night Club

As the event approaches, speculation surrounding the future of club continues to mount. With its iconic status and historical significance tied to Ginimbi, the club’s closure marks the end of an era in Harare’s nightlife scene.


Time will tell how the public auction unfolds and what lies ahead for the once-vibrant establishment. For now, patrons and admirers of Dreams can only reminisce about its glory days, cherishing the memories created within its walls.