Careless Robber Trapped by Stolen Cellphone at Girlfriend's House[Image Credit: iStock]

From Love Nest to Jail: Careless Robber Trapped by Stolen Cellphone at Girlfriend’s House

A careless robber, Prosper Moyo, found himself in custody, after policed trapped a stolen cellphone that he left at his girlfriend’s house, leading to his arrest.

The Robber’s Deceptive Request

[Image Credit: KwaPlant Ardbennie Mbare]
According to court proceedings, Moyo approached Tawanda Zinyenga, the complainant, while his car was parked at the Mbare rank. Moyo hired Zinyenga for a US$5 fare, requesting to be dropped off at the corner of Ardbennie Road.

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However, on their way to Ardbennie, Moyo allegedly directed Zinyenga to stop prematurely. He then requested assistance in carrying his bags to a nearby house. Unfortunately, this seemingly innocent act took a sinister turn.

Brutal Assault and Swift Rescue

Upon Zinyenga’s exit from the vehicle, he was unexpectedly struck on the left side of his head, rendering him unconscious. Seizing the opportunity, Moyo seized the car keys and the Zinyenga’s money, leaving him for dead.

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Fortunately, passersby came to Zinyenga’s aid and promptly transported him to a nearby hospital. Meanwhile, the stolen vehicle was later discovered abandoned in Epworth.

Stolen Cellphone Leads Police to Arrest Robber

The turning point in the investigation came when law enforcement officers recovered a cellphone, stolen during the robbery, from Moyo’s girlfriend, Fungai Mushapaidze. The device had inadvertently become a tracking device, leading the authorities straight to Moyo’s location.

Moyo now faces charges related to the violent robbery but was not required to enter a plea during his court appearance. The case will proceed under the jurisdiction of Harare magistrate Marewanazvo Gofa.


With the increasing prevalence of robbery incidents, it is crucial to prioritize safety measures, even when providing transportation services. As a taxi driver, it is advisable to exercise caution and vet passengers before granting them access to your vehicle. In a similar incident reported by H-Metro, a teacher fell victim to robbery at the gate of her residence in Emarald Hill.