Fortunate Harare Woman Granted Whopping US$1.5 Million Maintenance for One Child[Image Credit: iStock]

Fortunate Harare Woman Granted Whopping US$1.5 Million Maintenance for One Child

A fortunate woman from Harare, Alima Malaunda, left the courtroom with a beaming smile after whopping US$1.5 million maintenance for her one child against her ex-husband, Simbarashe Mupambavatyi.

The Maintenance Claim

Malaunda appeared before Magistrate Sharon Mashavira, seeking US$1,500,000 in maintenance for their child. She emphasized that Simbarashe, currently employed by the Mashonaland MPC, had not yet remarried.

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Awareness of Earnings

Magistrate Mashavira inquired about Simbarashe’s income, to which Malaunda claimed that he received 80% of his salary in US dollars. She confidently stated that this information was publicly displayed on the notice board where their salaries were posted.

Ex-husband Default Response

Simbarashe failed to address the claims made against him, resulting in a ruling in Alima’s favor by default. The court granted the requested maintenance.

In Another Court Story: Protection Order Sought Against Daughter and Grandchildren

In a separate case at the Harare Civil Court, Ginnah Muta sought a protection order against her daughter, Wendy Munda, and her grandchildren, Delroy and Leroy Munda.

The Allegations

Ginnah accused Wendy of bewitching her and labeled Delroy and Leroy as thieves. She claimed that Wendy insulted her, called her a witch, and blamed her for Wendy’s inability to marry. Moreover, Ginnah alleged that Wendy and her children stole her chickens.

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Default Response and Legal Advice

The respondents, Wendy, Delroy, and Leroy, all defaulted in responding to the allegations. However, Magistrate Sharon Mashavira advised Ginnah to report the theft to the police, as stealing is a criminal offense outside the jurisdiction of the Civil Court.

Granting of Protection Order

Considering the circumstances, Magistrate Mashavira granted the protection order in favor of Ginnah, ensuring her safety and peace of mind.


In conclusion, these cases shed light on the legal challenges individuals face and emphasize the importance of attending court when summoned to defend oneself. It serves as a reminder of a similar case reported by H-Metro, where a man was ordered to pay US$10 for maintenance after providing proof of his income. Being proactive and actively participating in legal proceedings can significantly impact the outcomes of such cases.