From Gold Mafia Scandal to Ambassador: Uebert Angel Becomes African Union's Pan African Parliament Ambassador[Image Credit: Uebert Angel Twitter]

From Gold Mafia Scandal to Ambassador: Uebert Angel Becomes African Union’s Pan African Parliament Ambassador

Zimbabwe’s Special Envoy and Ambassador-At-Large, Uebert Angel, has been appointed as the African Union’s Pan African Parliament Ambassador for Interfaith Dialogue and Humanitarian Affairs. This appointment comes after Angel was cleared of all allegations of gold smuggling and money laundering. The allegations were made against him in the Al Jazeera Gold Mafia documentary.

Gold Mafia allegations

Al Jazeera’s Gold Mafia documentary had alleged that Angel was involved in money laundering and gold smuggling activities. However, after conducting an extensive investigation, the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe’s Financial Intelligence Unit found no evidence of financial crimes against him or any of the other individuals mentioned in the documentary.

Angel’s appointment

[Image Credit: Uebert Angel Twitter]
Angel’s appointment as the African Union‘s Pan African Parliament Ambassador for Interfaith Dialogue and Humanitarian Affairs is a significant achievement. It shows that despite the allegations made against him, he has been able to gain the trust and confidence of the African Union.

Philanthropic work

Angel is renowned for his philanthropic work. His new role provides a platform to continue his humanitarian efforts across Africa. The Uebert Angel Foundation, under his leadership, received the 2021 Global Excellence in Leadership & Philanthropy Award. The foundation offers feeding programs, scholarships, and financial support to orphanages and nursing homes for the elderly.

Feeding vulnerable families affected by Covid-19 lockdown

During the Covid-19 lockdown in Zimbabwe, the Uebert Angel Foundation donated food and clothes to vulnerable families. Angel’s appointment as the African Union’s Pan African Parliament Ambassador will allow him to broaden his philanthropic efforts throughout the continent.

Mixed Reactions To Angel’s New Appointment


You can not fight one who has been chosen, appointed and favored by God


Welcome to Africa where crime rewards


Congratulations ro him on the appointment


They created a whole department for him interfaith dialogue and what 😂😂😂😂 AU is useless


We Africans don’t take ourselves serious.


Crime pays ..don’t tell me otherwise caz we it’s been proven.


Ambassador at large is not a criminal but a man with a heart for people


And you expect us to take the AU and PAP as serious structures that can carry our continent into the future.
They have failed to intervene in Sudan and the DRC for starters but quick to run to Ukraine and Russia to impress fools.