Sir Wicknell Chivayo Responds to Leaked Audios, Calls Mike Chimombe "a Briefcase Businessman"[Image Credit: Facebook]

Sir Wicknell Chivayo Responds to Leaked Audios, Calls Mike Chimombe “a Briefcase Businessman”

Sir Wicknell Chivayo, a prominent tenderpreneur, has finally responded to the leaked audios recordings that have been trending online. In his response, Chivayo has called out Mike Chimombe, labeling him a “failed, struggling briefcase businessman.”

Chivayo Boasts of Presidential Influence

sir chivayo with president ed mnangangwa

In the first audio, Chivayo is heard brazenly boasting about his tight grip on the system, claiming that he is now the “blue-eyed boy” of President Emmerson Mnangagwa. He even goes as far as revealing that the President now considers him a “son” and that he was given direct orders during the Italy-Africa Summit.

“Chunhu ndakachibata kuti dzvii, kwete zvekufungidzira,” Chivayo is heard gloating in the recording.

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Chivayo Lashes Out at ‘Briefcase Businessmen’

In the second audio, Chivayo is caught on tape lashing out at his partner, Moses Mpofu. He was accusing him of making outrageous demands despite doing little work.

“Mpofu, I’m very disappointed nedzungu rimwe risingaite,” Chivayo is heard saying. “You’re going all over the place saying all sort of things.”

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Chivayo Denies Allegations

mike chimombe

Responding to the scandal, Chivayo has released a lengthy press statement, denying the allegations and disassociating himself from Chimombe and Mpofu, whom he refers to as “failed, struggling briefcase businessmen” and “excitable individuals” who are engaging in “opportunistic delinquency.”

“The content and character of the alleged voice messages is however consistent with a sustained attack on my character and standing as a businessman by two excitable individuals who have recently made outrageous demands for certain payments from me without any legal or contractual basis of doing so,” Chivayo’s statement read.

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