Four Men In Trouble For Twerking Naked On A Grave

Four men from Marange have caused outrage after stripping naked and dancing provocatively during the funeral of an elderly woman.

Fungai Mhise, Zivanai Matenhese, Lloyd Matenhese, and Garikai Magumezano appeared before Chief Marange last week, where they were accused of disrespecting the dead and trampling on Marange traditions and customs. It is reported that the men were drinking illicit brews and began singing offensive songs and dancing provocatively.

They even assaulted the village head who tried to stop them from disrespecting the customs.

Although Magumezano denied the offence, Mhise and Zivanai admitted to drinking and dancing with him. They begged for forgiveness, saying they were under the influence of alcohol.

We are very sorry. I did not know what I was doing. I only got to know afterwards and I am so ashamed of my unbecoming behaviour. My relatives are shunning me because of this. I am so sorry,” said Mhise.

The Chief promised the men a punishment that will act as a deterrent to future offenders. The sentencing is scheduled for this week.

“Some people were grieving, but you failed to respect them through your provocative dances.

‘‘It is a shame that Zivanai and Lloyd you failed to respect your own grandmother. Instead, you teamed up with your friends and caused havoc, thereby disrespecting the elders present at the funeral as well as the traditional leadership.

“It is a taboo in this area for someone to act in the way that you did and you will get a punishment that is befitting. That punishment will discourage you from performing such reckless dances in public. I promise you, you will never do it again,” said Chief Marange.

Four Men In Trouble For Twerking Naked On A Grave

By Mandisa