Robert Mugabe Jr Got Preferential Treatment; He Needs To Go To RehabRobert Mugabe Junior Arrested [Image Credit ZimLive]

Urine Incident At The Centre Of Robert Mugabe Jr’s Arrest

The details of the episode that sent Robert Mugabe Junior, son of the late Zimbabwean President, on a rampage destroying property have emerged.

According to leaked testimony, Mugabe Jr, who had come to spend an evening at the residence of his friend Nkatazo Sindiso, was driven to an unrestrained fit of fervour upon discovering that his car wheel had been doused with urine.

Mugabe is said to have accused the garden boy of urinating on his wheels but failed to apprehend him, thereby directing his ire towards two luxury cars belonging to his host’s household, a Mercedes Benz CLS and a Mercedes Benz E350D, along with a selection of other possessions, incurring a total of twelve thousand American dollars in damage.

Below we reproduce in full the details from the police report explaining why Robert Mugabe Junior Lost His Rag;

The complainant and accused are friends. On 19 February 2023 at around 0030 hours, complainant and accused proceeded to complainant’s house and slept there. At around 0900 hours, the accused person had a heated argument with the complainant’s gardener (name not supplied) whom he accused of having urinated on the wheel of his car. The gardener noticed that the complainant was becoming violent and ran away. In a fit of rage, the accused person broke wind screens of a Mercedes Benz CLS registration number AES 6207 and Mercedes Benz E350D registration number AFG 5847. He also damaged various properties including windows and household electrical gadgets. Value damaged is US$12 000-00. Complainant made a report at ZRP Avondale. The scene was attended by 060125C Constable Muronzi and 081923W Constable Mupuwi. The accused was arrested and detained under ZRP Avondale DB 134/23. Investigations are in progress under ZRP Avondale RRB 5409544.


By Mandisa