Four Fake CID Homicide Detectives Arrested in Harare[Image Credit: Adope Stock]

Four Fake CID Homicide Detectives Arrested in Harare

Four bogus CID Homicide detectives who were carrying robberies around Harare impersonating for police have been arrested. Praise Ngonidzashe Mundoringisa, Owen Pfani, Denford Kasambarare, and Nigel Regis Rongai were apprehended following a tip-off to the police.

Arrest and Court Proceedings

Praise Ngonidzashe Mundoringisa, Owen Pfani, Denford Kasambarare, and Nigel Regis Rongai

The accused appeared before Harare magistrate Donald Ndirowei, who ordered them to be remanded in custody pending further investigations. The court heard that on November 8, the four suspects were driving around Waterfalls in a white Toyota Belta.

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Robbery and Intimidation

According to reports, the suspects targeted Shadreck Bangura, who was driving a Honda Fit, and falsely claimed he was under arrest for robbery activities using his vehicle. They compelled Bangura to drive to his residence and demanded cash and groceries from him. Additionally, they robbed other passengers in the vehicle.

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Police Intervention and Recovery

Following the incident, Bangura promptly contacted the police, who swiftly acted and intercepted the robbers, leading to their arrest. The stolen vehicle was successfully recovered during the operation.

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Seized Items

During the arrest, the perpetrators were found in possession of a police identity card, a pair of handcuffs, a hand grenade irritant canister, and a laser shocker.

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Justice Served

The arrest of these individuals highlights the commitment of law enforcement agencies in Harare to combat crime and protect the safety of citizens. The suspects will face legal proceedings for their alleged involvement in the robbery spree.


A recent report by iHarare exposes the rising cases of robberies in Harare, including the arrest of two armed robbers and the death of one during a shoot-out in Riddleridge. This incident emphasizes the need for caution when encountering individuals claiming to be law enforcement officers.