Daring Robbers Loot Roman Catholic Sanctuary[Image Credit: Richmond Magazine]

Daring Robbers Loot Roman Catholic Sanctuary

Armed robbers raided the Roman Catholic Church in Emakhandeni suburb, making off with household appliances and dismantling the church’s closed circuit television (CCTV) system.

Previous Robbery and Assault

In November of the previous year, thieves struck the church, stealing an undisclosed amount of cash and assaulting the priest and his brother.

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Series of Church Robberies

The Roman Catholic Church in Mpopoma and Pumula East suburbs also experienced robberies within the same week, further alarming the church’s followers. These incidents were part of a string of robberies that targeted religious institutions.

Details of the Robbery

During the Emakhandeni church robbery last week, armed perpetrators forcibly entered the priest’s residence, breaking down the door. They demanded a safe, but Father Elias Musoni explained that there was none. Both Father Musoni and his brother suffered physical assault.

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The robbery led to the theft of electrical appliances and the destruction of the church’s CCTV system, hindering potential investigations.

Confirmation and Police Report

Father Musoni confirmed the occurrence of the latest robbery and stated that a report had been filed with the police. The authorities are now tasked with investigating the incident and apprehending the culprits responsible for these brazen attacks on houses of worship.

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Previous Incidents in Mpopoma and Pumula East

In Mpopoma, two priests were awakened by the sound of a door being forcefully broken down. They promptly alerted their neighbors by shouting for help, thwarting the robbers’ plans.

Similarly, in Pumula East, robbers targeted a Roman Catholic Church but left empty-handed after gaining entry by breaking down the church door. Fortunately, no injuries were reported during this incident.


The series of church robberies has left the community concerned and highlights the need for enhanced security measures to protect places of worship and ensure the safety of religious leaders and congregants.