Kuwadzana Con-Man Lover Faces Court for Milking Lover's Finances[Image Credit: H-Metro]

Kuwadzana Con-Man Lover Faces Court for Milking Lover’s Finances

A Kuwadzana 6 con-man lover who has been milking his lover’s finances has been taken to court seeking compensation for time wasted after promising to marry her.

Clash of Promises

The clash between Mugwagwa Gumunyu, a local shipping logistics company manager and Eunice Hunda, from Warren Park, has escalated as Hunda demands payment for the time she invested in the relationship. The couple had been dating since August last year.

According to Hunda, who works as a security guard at the same company, Gumunyu has been financially exploiting her by constantly requesting money, citing his wife’s departure from his life.

Financial Exploitation Unveiled

[Image Credit: H-Metro]
Eunice revealed that Gumunyu would come to her and demand money to buy food for his kids from the previous relationship.

“He would demand money every week claiming that he wanted to buy food for his kids,” stated Hunda. “I gave him money amounting to US$2,000. I approached a traditional chief after learning that Mugwagwa was also milking two other ladies he works with.”

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Confrontation and Revelation

Eunice further disclosed that Gumunyu dated other two women and exploited them using the same tick he used on her.

“He used the same method, and the three of us confronted him at the same time,” stated Eunice. “He deceives me while being involved with a female security guard and another woman who works in the kitchen using a forklift.”

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Multiple Marital Commitments

Eunice argued that the reason why she is demanding a compensation from Gumunyu is that he wasted her time hiding that he was married.

“He wasted my time promising to marry me, claiming that he was single when he has two wives whom he fails to support,” lamented Hunda. “I cannot continue being abused by him. I want to be paid for the time wasted.”


As the matter is now being handled by a traditional court, Hunda seeks compensation for her invested time and money. This case serves as a crucial reminder to young women to thoroughly vet their partners before falling in love, avoiding potential encounters with dating con-men. Magtom Media has undertaken a series to educate the local community on recognizing manipulative behavior to safeguard against such incidents.