Durban 20-year-old Man Arrested for Murdering Rival Over Girlfriend Fight[Image Credit: iStock]

Durban 20-year-old Man Arrested for Murdering Rival Over Girlfriend Fight

A 20-year-old man, Tinashe Hove who fled from Durban to Harare after allegedly murdering a rival in a fight over a girlfriend was caught and arrested on Sunday at an unspecified location. Tinashe went into hiding in Harare where he was nabbed.

The Murder Incident

[Image Credit: H-Metro]
It is heard that Tinashe had an argument that led to a misunderstanding with Theophilus Musekiwa over his girlfriend Lequina Chikato. Upon arguing, Tinashe allegedly stabbed Theophilus with a knife in the upper chest, that caused him to bleed to death. His death was pronounced at Addington Hospital upon arrival.

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Police Report and Court Hearing

Upon Theophilus death, a police report was made in South Africa, but Tinashe had already fled to Zimbabwe. After appearing before Harare magistrate Dennis Mangosi, Tinashe was remanded in custody to the 22nd of November.

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Another Murder Story

A Highfield man, Nkulumo Dube, also appeared before Magistrate Mangosi, facing charges of murder.

Alleged Murder of Charles Sanudi

On the 23rd of October, it is alleged that Dube and his five accomplices went after Tatenda Mapulani at Morebetterdays Mine compound. Mapulani upon realizing that he was being chased, went to Charles Sanudi’s house, to sought refuge.

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Unfortunately, he was caught and gang attacked. Charles was also attacked and got stabbed twice with a knife on the right thigh and once on the neck and died on the scene, as per report from H-Metro.


As the legal process continues, the Musekiwa and Sanudi family are hoping that justice will be served for their sons.