Banket Fake War Vets Arrested for Conning Land Seekers of US$66K[Image Credit: H-Metro]

Banket Fake War Vets Arrested for Conning Land Seekers of US$66K

Two Banket elders, who are accused of posing as fake war vets, have been remanded in custody for defrauding land seekers of US$66K.

The Alleged Bogus Task Force

Perpetual Chimuti (57) and Pedzisai Chikari (46) allegedly presented themselves as the leaders of a fake task force that claimed to raise funds for the welfare of war veterans in Banket. They advertised their scheme on social media platforms and created multiple groups with 120 to 150 members per group.

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Deceptive Demands and False Promises

In these online groups, the duo demanded cash from the land seekers, citing various reasons such as administration costs, fuel expenses, and welfare support for war veterans. The amounts requested ranged from US$10 to US$1,500. Additionally, they claimed that some of the collected money was meant for processing offer letters.

Touring Victims Around Mashonaland West Province

To gain the trust of their victims, Chimuti and Chikari toured areas such as Zvimba, Makonde, Rafingora, and Banket, showcasing several farms in Mashonaland West Province. However, the victims eventually discovered the deception and realized they had lost a total of US$66,000 to the scam.

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Accomplices Still at Large

While Chimuti and Chikari have been apprehended, their accomplices remain at large. Law enforcement agencies are actively pursuing the remaining individuals involved in the fraudulent scheme.

Police Launch Manhunt for Assault Suspects

[Image Credit: H-Metro]
In a separate incident, the police have initiated a manhunt for five suspects who were captured in a viral video assaulting a woman. The attackers accused her of having an affair with a married man.

Arrest and Ongoing Search

One of the suspects a teenage, Mitchel Kariwo, has already been arrested. However, the search continues for the remaining four persons, Zeripah Kanduza, Natasha Kanduza, Fortunate Tembo, and an unidentified suspect known only as Ollen.

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Victim’s Condition and Social Media Misinformation

Contrary to rumors circulating on social media, the victim has not succumbed to her injuries. She is currently receiving medical treatment at Parirenyatwa Hospital, where doctors are working to ensure her recovery.

Law Enforcement Vigilance

The police are diligently investigating the assault case and are determined to apprehend the remaining suspects involved in this heinous act of violence.