Dzivarasekwa 1 High Teacher Suspended for Assaulting Female Student[Image Credit: Facebook]

Dzivarasekwa 1 High Teacher Suspended for Assaulting Female Student

A Dzivarasekwa 1 High School teacher who was recorded physically assaulting a female student and cutting her hair has been suspended. While the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education has not officially confirmed the suspension, they have issued a warning to teachers.

Ministry Warns Against Corporal Punishment


The Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education has cautioned teachers and school heads. In a statement they emphasized that the use of corporal punishment is unconstitutional and unacceptable. Mr. Taungana Ndoro, the director of communications in the ministry, confirmed the Dzivarasekwa incident.

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Alternative Disciplinary Measures Encouraged

Ndoro stressed the need for teachers to explore alternative methods of discipline. He stipulated that there are numerous ways to address issues of indiscipline without resorting to physical harm.

“Teachers should use other forms of discipline,” said the director of communications.” We are handling that case and there is overwhelming evidence against the teacher.”

The ministry is currently handling another case in Shurugwi, where a student was reportedly assaulted by a teacher.

Suspension Pending Investigations

While Ndoro could not confirm the suspension of the Dzivarasekwa teacher, he mentioned that it is the standard procedure to suspend a teacher pending investigations into such matters. However, a source close to the school confirmed that the teacher has indeed been suspended, with ongoing investigations taking place.

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Possible Stress-Related Incident

According to the source, there are speculations that the teacher’s actions may have been influenced by personal stress. It is rumored that the teacher’s wife experienced complications recently, potentially contributing to his emotional state during the incident.

Condemnation from Local Junior Councillor

Sharon Chitsinde, the junior councillor for Norton, expressed her disapproval of the teacher’s behavior, questioning the severity of the physical abuse. Chitsinde visited the school to gather more information and is relieved to see the student back at school. She stressed that the teacher should have sought alternative disciplinary measures if the student had misbehaved.


The Ministry’s active response to the Dzivarasekwa 1 High incident reflects a concerning nationwide trend of increasing student-teacher physical assaults.