Mudenda Banned CCC MPs, No Pay for 2 Months & Blocks Parliament Access to Protest Participants[Image Credit: Facebook]

Mudenda Banned CCC MPs, No Pay for 2 Months & Blocks Parliament Access to Protest Participants

Speaker of Parliament Jacob Mudenda banned all CCC MPs who participated in today’s protest from attending parliamentary for six sittings and will not receive pay for 2 months.

Recall of MPs Based on Constitutional Grounds

Mudenda defended his decision to recall the 15 CCC MPs, stating that it was in accordance with the constitution. The recall was prompted by a letter from Sengozo Tshabangu, who claims to be the Secretary General of Chamisa’s party. Tshabangu alleged that these MPs were no longer party members.

CCC Disputes Tshabangu’s Legitimacy


CCC spokesperson Promise Mkwananzi disputed Tshabangu’s authority, asserting that he is not a member of the Chamisa’s party.

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Tshabangu Expels Nelson Chamisa from CCC

Adding to the turmoil, Tshabangu released a letter expelling the party leader Advocate Nelson Chamisa. This further exacerbates the power struggle and internal conflicts within the party.

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Allegations of Unauthorized Candidates and Zanu PF Involvement

Reports have emerged that during the August election, Tshabangu signed letters nominating candidates to run under the Chamisa banner without proper party authorization that included Freddy Masarirevhu. The main opposition party claimed that this move was part of a FAZ strategy to divide their votes.

Party Vice Presidents Ncube and Biti Implicated

Welshman Ncube and Tendai Biti

Rumors have circulated implicating Welshman Ncube and Tendai Biti in the ongoing drama within the party. Ncube, in a past Twitter post around 2020, referred to Tshabangu as his “young brother,”. That tweet is currently fueling more speculation between the two. Biti, however, has categorically denied any involvement in plotting against Chamisa, declaring his loyalty to the party and its leader.

“My position is very clear, I belong to a political party and its leader is Nelson Chamisa,” stated Biti .


Chamisa’s party continues to grapple with internal disputes, the fallout from the protest and subsequent actions taken by Speaker have fueled a chaotic political landscape.