DJ Fantan Granted Visitation Rights for Children Despite His Unwillingness to Let His Ex-Wife Move On[Image Credit: Facebook]

DJ Fantan Granted Visitation Rights for Children Despite His Unwillingness to Let His Ex-Wife Move On

Arnold Kamudyariwa, also known as DJ Fantan from Chill Spot Records, has been granted visitation rights to his children for two weekends every month, despite his unwillingness to let his ex-wife move on.

Court Order Details

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According to the court order, DJ Fantan will have access to his two kids during the first and last weekends of each month. However, he is prohibited from getting too close to his ex-wife, Gamuchirai Nemukuyu, unless it is for the purpose of collecting the children.

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Financial Support and Unsettling Situations

DJ Fantan disclosed that he is currently covering Gamu’s rental expenses. However, he expressed discomfort at witnessing her with another man at the rented house, despite their separation.

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Conflicting Perspectives

In response to the court summons, Gamu claimed that DJ Fantan was already a regular visitor to her home and implied that he had existing access to their children. She also recounted an incident where DJ Fantan had a confrontation with her partner during one of his visits.

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Out-of-Court Resolution

Both parties reached an out-of-court settlement, which was approved by the court. This settlement grants DJ Fantan visitation rights. Also it establishes a framework for their ongoing co-parenting arrangement.

Desire for Space and Moving On

In light of DJ Fantan’s actions, Gamu emphasized that if he desires a polygamous relationship, he should be forthright about it rather than interfering with her new relationship. She stressed the importance of him giving her space and allowing her to move forward, considering that he chose to divorce her for another woman.

“Kana achida zvebarika ngaabude pachena,” stated Gamu. “He must give me space, and allow me to move on since he decided to divorce me for another woman.”