Birchenough Bridge Man Dies as Unpaid Kombi Fare Leads to Sexual Encounter[Image Credit: Linkedln]

Birchenough Bridge Man Dies as Unpaid US$3 Kombi Fare Leads to Sexual Encounter

A 37-year-old man from Birchenough Bridge tragically lost his life during a sexual encounter with a passenger who couldn’t pay her US$3 kombi fare.

Desperate Circumstances and a Proposition

Gracious Priscah Maruta boarded a kombi at Birchenough Business Centre destined for Musharu in Buhera. However, she found herself without any money to pay for the fare.

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Unreachable Boyfriend and an Unusual Agreement

Maruta explained to the kombi crew that her boyfriend was supposed to settle the fare upon arrival, but he remained unreachable. It was at this point that she approached Kudakwashe Mushayi, a tout at the business center, seeking assistance.

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A Proposition and Fatal Outcome

Mushayi proposed a rather unusual solution to Maruta’s predicament. He offered to pay her US$3 fare in exchange for a sexual encounter, to which she reluctantly agreed.

Maruta and Mushayi boarded the same commuter omnibus and disembarked near Birchenough Bridge Hotel, venturing into the nearby bushes to fulfill their agreement.

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A Devastating Discovery

During the encounter, Mushayi suddenly lost consciousness, leaving Maruta alarmed and attempting to revive him. Despite her efforts, he failed to respond, prompting her to leave him in the bush and return to Musharu Bus Terminus.

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Report to Authorities & Ongoing Investigation

Disturbed and concerned for Mushayi’s well-being, Maruta reported the incident to the police, leading them to the location where Mushayi had collapsed during their sexual encounter.

Authorities are currently investigating the circumstances surrounding Mushayi’s death, working to uncover the cause of his sudden loss of consciousness during the act.