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65-Year-Old Mayor Marries 16-Year-Old Beauty Queen After Promoting Her Mother to Top Post


Love or Influence? Mayor Hissam Hussein Dehaini of Aracáuria, Brazil, tied the knot with 16-year-old Kauane Rode Dehaini just days after promoting her mother, Marilene Rode, to the city’s secretary of Culture and Tourism. This has caused outrage among many Brazilians, especially since this is not the first time the mayor has used his power to hire family members to government positions.

Mayor’s Controversial History

Hissam Hussein Dehaini has been married six times and has 16 children. He first married in 1980 and has been in the public eye for a variety of reasons since then. He was arrested in November 2000 in connection with a drug trafficking investigation but was never convicted. In 2019, the Civil Society Organization of Public Interest investigated him for appointing his then-wife and two daughters to city government positions. He was cleared of any wrongdoing.

Family Members in Government

The controversy continues with Mayor Dehaini’s hiring practices. Marilene Rode, Kauane’s mother, was employed by the city of Aracauría in 2021 as an advisor to the municipal secretary. Eight days later, she received a promotion to become Hissam Hussein Dehaini’s executive assistant. In January 2022, she was named director of the Aracauría Department of Education. The teenager’s aunt, Elizangela Rode, had also been working as the city’s planning secretary since October 2022.

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Mayor’s Defense

The second-term mayor removed Marilene Rode and Elizangela Rode from their positions on Tuesday after Paraná state prosecutors announced they were looking into whether he used his influence as a public official to hire family members. The city defended Rode’s hiring, stating that she “meets the necessary conditions for the exercise of the position, since she has 26 years of experience in the public service.”


Many Brazilians are outraged at the mayor’s actions. “It is unacceptable that a public official abuses his power in this way,” said one concerned citizen.

Mayor Dehaini’s hiring practices have come under scrutiny before. “It seems that he has a pattern of appointing family members to government positions,” said a political analyst.

The mayor’s defenders point to Marilene Rode’s experience. “It’s not uncommon for a person with extensive experience in public service to be appointed to a government position,” said one city official.

The controversy surrounding Mayor Dehaini’s latest marriage and his hiring practices is sure to continue. As a public official, he is expected to use his power for the good of the people he serves, not for his own personal gain. Whether he acted out of love or influence, the mayor’s actions have caused a stir in Brazil.