Chivayo's Arrogance on Display: Insults Follower Over Flashy CarsImage Credit-Sir Wicknell Facebook Page

Chivayo’s Arrogance on Display: Insults Follower Over Flashy Cars

Sir Wicknell Chivayo, known for his love of flashy cars, has come under fire for his response to a follower’s comment on his car collection. Chivayo posted a picture of himself with his fleet of cars on what he called “Weekend Motivation.” One of his followers, Rachel Makaya, reminded him that he may own all these expensive cars, but he will leave them behind when he dies.

Chivayo’s Insulting Response Sparks Outrage

Chivayo’s response to Makaya’s comment was insulting. He insulted her by saying that her surname, “Makaya,” doesn’t resemble Zimbabwean originality but is either from Malawi or Mozambique. This sparked outrage among many social media users, who felt that Chivayo’s response was unnecessary and showed prejudice towards people from Malawi and Mozambique.

Social Media Users Respond To Chivayo’s Reply

Many social media users responded to Chivayo’s comment, condemning his behavior. Some criticized him for being arrogant, while others called for him to be humble and not rush to judge people. One user even suggested that Chivayo needs to take it easy, as he may have health problems due to stress.

Another user pointed out that all Africans should be united, regardless of their nationality. According to a post by iHarare, Jovic said,

“Prejudice will never end, koh zveMoza neMalawi zvabvepi never feel superior to the other race, so he’s saying every one from Moza n Malawi vakaoma msoro. Please No, we are all black after all we all bleed red.”

Chivayo has not yet responded to the backlash he has received for his comment. However, the incident serves as a reminder that even the wealthiest and most successful individuals can still show prejudice towards others.