Apostle Chiwenga's Video Sparks Controversy Amid Allegations of BlackmailImage Credit-SoundCloud

Apostle Chiwenga’s Video Sparks Controversy Amid Allegations of Blackmail

Self-proclaimed apostle, Talent F Chiwenga, has acknowledged his shortcomings and mistakes in a recent video that has caused quite a stir on social media. Chiwenga’s video was in response to allegations that he was involved in an audio recording with a potential girlfriend.

Chiwenga’s Response

In the alleged audio recording, Chiwenga is heard saying,

“I would want to take care of you, to love you and to do anything that I can do to make sure that you are happy.”

He then goes on to ask the lady to promise not to discuss anything that involves his name that has nothing to do with God’s word. Chiwenga also asks her to name two things he has done to show that he cares about her, to which the lady stammers and cannot reply.

In response to the allegations, Chiwenga acknowledged that he is not God and that he will make mistakes. He explained that God doesn’t call people to serve based on qualifications but rather on prophesied ignorance. According to a report from Zigo, Chiwenga also admitted that as a man of God, sometimes his congregants seduce him, and he can fall short.

Chiwenga’s Humbleness

These words of humbleness from Chiwenga came as a shock to many, as he is popularly known for criticizing and name-calling his fellow prophets. 

Chiwenga’s Possible Blackmail Attempt

Chiwenga also mentioned that two months ago, he wrote a letter about his enemies who were trying to blackmail him. He went on to narrate that there is someone close by whom he takes care of and is trying so hard to blackmail him. There is speculation that the lady in the audio recording might be the one trying to blackmail Chiwenga.