Divorce Turns Chivayo into a Bitter Man: Wicknell Accuses Mahere of Dating Chamisa[Image Credit: X]

Divorce Turns Chivayo into a Bitter Man: Wicknell Accuses Mahere of Dating Chamisa

Sir Wicknell Chivayo has resorted to throwing his frustrations from his divorce at Advocate Fadzai Mahere, accusing her of dating the founder and former CCC president, Advocate Nelson Chamisa.

Recently, Sir Wicknell Chivayo’s wife, Sonja Madzikanda, publicly announced that the two are no longer together. She also mentioned that they are expecting their divorce papers to be finalized on May 1st.

Chivayo’s Donation at ZCC Easter Conference

During the ZCC Easter conference, Sir Wicknell Chivayo pledged a generous donation of US$1 million towards church projects. Celebrating Easter at the conference, Chivayo shared a video on his X handle, showcasing his contribution.

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Mahere’s Criticism of Chivayo’s Gesture

Advocate Fadzai Mahere, however, took to X to express her criticism of Chivayo’s donation. Citing the nation’s suffering from a lack of rain, she argued that such gestures contribute to the country’s challenges. Mahere further emphasized the need for competent and dedicated leaders to develop the nation.

“Mvura inonaya sei pakadai? We need new leaders,” posted Mahere.

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Chivayo’s Response and Allegations


In response to Mahere’s comments, Chivayo launched a tirade against her. He claimed that the reason for the rain shortage in the country was Mahere’s unmarried status. Chivayo invited her to Masowe, suggesting that she needed spiritual cleansing and a husband. He went on to allege that Mahere was dating Advocate Nelson Chamisa, the founder and former CCC president.

“Huya ku masowe tikudire magate matatu 300 thousand followers kushaya one anotiwo hey sweetie ku inbox plus Mukadzi wa Nero paanokubatira asiyana nemumwe uya uyu anoku rova,” posted Wicknell.

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Background of the Feud

The animosity between Mahere and Chivayo stems from allegations of Chivayo’s misappropriation of public funds related to the failed Gwanda Solar project in partnership with ZPC. Mahere’s denouncement of Chivayo’s donation is believed to be influenced by these allegations.