Cash and Property Vanish: St Mary's Maid Accused of Masterminding US$36,000 Heist[Image Credit: H-Metro]

Cash and Property Vanish: St Mary’s Maid Accused of Masterminding US$36,000 Heist

In a shocking turn of events, Bertha Zandonda (43), a maid from St Mary’s, Chitungwiza has been accused of stealing cash and property valued at a staggering US$36,000. The incriminating evidence against her was uncovered through CCTV footage from a hidden camera discreetly installed by her employer.

Allegations of a Prolonged Theft Spree

According to reports, Zandonda stands accused of committing the thefts between May and July. During this time, she allegedly pilfered clothes, jewelry, electronic gadgets, groceries, and a substantial sum of cash from her employer.

Employer’s Audit Reveals Massive Losses

Suspicions arose when the employer conducted a personal audit and discovered the staggering amount of missing items. The audit revealed that $13,000 in cash, clothing, jewelry, a variety of whiskeys, suitcases, and groceries, all amounting to a total value of $23,000, had vanished.

Hidden Camera Captures the Culprit

Taking matters into her own hands, the complainant decided to install a secret camera in her bedroom on August 1. Later that day, upon returning from work, she played back the CCTV footage and was shocked to witness Zandonda stealing $40 in cash. Realizing the gravity of the situation, the employer promptly notified the police.

Arrest and Recovery of Stolen Goods

On August 9, the police apprehended Zandonda and conducted an interview. During the interrogation, Zandonda revealed that some of the stolen items were located at her residence in St Mary’s, Chitungwiza, reported hmetro. Additionally, she divulged that her siblings in Budiriro 2, Harare, were harboring a portion of the stolen property.

Recovery of Stolen Items and Positive Identification

Acting on the information provided by Zandonda, the police successfully recovered $440 in cash, clothing, and bottles of whiskey from her home in Chitungwiza and her siblings’ residence. Furthermore, the complainant positively identified her belongings at the police station, further solidifying the case against the accused.

Bail Opposition Due to Flight Risk

During the court proceedings, the State opposed granting bail to Zandonda, citing concerns that she was in the process of obtaining travel documents to leave for the United Kingdom, potentially fleeing before the trial. Grace Mugocheke appeared on behalf of the State.