Fear and Chaos at Big Apple Night Club: Daring Robbers Strike, Leaving Man Penniless and Phoneless[Image Credit: Zaubee]

Fear and Chaos at Big Apple Night Club: Daring Robbers Strike, Leaving Man Penniless and Phoneless

In a shocking incident at the Big Apple Night Club located along Chinhoyi Street, a gang of daring robbers carried out a brazen robbery that left a man, Tinashe Gwara (23), stripped of his cash and cellphone. The robbers, armed with a toy gun and handcuffs, went to the extreme lengths of dragging Gwara into a booking room and even calling his wife to demand more money.

Arrests Made in Connection to the Audacious Robbery

Following the incident, the Harare provincial police swiftly took action, apprehending three suspects involved in the armed robbery. The arrested individuals have been identified as Godwin Isheunopa (21) from Ruwa, Gift Jofirisi (36) from Mbare, and Amos Madamombe, also from Ruwa. Harare provincial police spokesperson, Inspector Luckmore Chakanza, confirmed the arrests and the details of the crime.

Details of the Harrowing Robbery Unveiled

According to Inspector Chakanza, the ordeal unfolded in the early hours of August 12, around 2:00 a.m., when Gwara was seated inside the Big Apple Night Club. Gift Jofirisi forcefully grabbed him by the neck, falsely accusing him of possessing illegal substances. Jofirisi then dragged Gwara into a booking room, where he was locked up.

The Robbery Unfolds with Threats and Intimidation

Approximately 20 minutes later, Gift Jofirisi returned to the room accompanied by Godwin Isheunopa and Amos Madamombe. The trio brandished a toy gun, pepper spray, and handcuffs, using them to intimidate and threaten Gwara, reported hmetro. The robbers demanded valuables, resulting in the theft of Gwara’s Huawei Y9 cellphone and a sum of US$5 in cash.

“The accused produced a toy gun, pepper spray and handcuffs demanding valuables,” stated Inspector .They stole the complainant’s Huawei Y9 cellphone and cash amounting to US$5.”

Desperate Actions and the Arrest

As the situation escalated, the robbers contacted Gwara’s wife, demanding an additional US$50 for his release. Gwara was eventually freed at around 2:40 a.m. The robbers kept his cellphone, instructing him to retrieve the demanded amount and return to collect it. Fortunately, these actions ultimately led to their apprehension.