Ivy Kombo and Husband's Fraud Trial Postponed[Image Credit: Facebook]

Ivy Kombo and Husband’s Fraud Trial Postponed

The trial of renowned gospel singer Ivy Kombo and her husband Admire Kasi on charges of fraud and perjury has been postponed as their lawyer requested additional time to respond to the State’s documents.

Allegations of Fraud and Perjury

The couple stands accused of allegedly paying US$1,100 to obtain law conversion certificates and registering as practitioners without the required Certificate for Legal Education (CLE) to practice law in Zimbabwe. Ivy Kombo and Admire Kasi had both graduated from the University of Bedfordshire in England.

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Joint Charges, Trial Continuation and Dates

Ivy and Husband

They are jointly charged with Huggins Duri, a suspended secretary for CLE, who is implicated in the case. The trial will resume on a continuous roll from December 11 to December 13, allowing for uninterrupted proceedings.

The State’s Allegations

According to the State’s case, in 2021, Ivy Kombo approached Shorai Mupunga with the intention of registering and taking the necessary examinations. Mupunga reportedly informed Kombo that Duri could facilitate the issuance of certificates without the need for examinations upon payment of US$1,100.

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Payment and Discovery By Anti-Corruption Officers

Following Mupunga’s advice, Ivy Kombo and Admire Kasi paid the sum through Mupunga, who subsequently delivered it to Duri. Duri then certified that the couple had successfully completed eight subjects. The alleged fraud came to light when officers from the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission uncovered the scheme.

Upcoming Witness Testimonies

Prosecutors Anesu Chirenje and Oscar Madume have confirmed that seven additional witnesses will testify during the trial.

As the trial unfolds, the court will examine the evidence brought forth by the State and the responses presented by Ivy Kombo, Admire Kasi, and their legal representation.