Criminal Mastermind Caught: Suspected Armed Robber Arrested for Stealing Businessman's Land Cruiser as Getaway Car[Image Credit: Wikipedia]

Criminal Mastermind Caught: Suspected Armed Robber Arrested for Stealing Businessman’s Land Cruiser as Getaway Car

A criminal mastermind, who is also one of the suspected armed robbers, was arrested and appeared in court yesterday for stealing a businessman’s Land Cruiser and using it as a getaway car.

A Calculated Attack

According to court proceedings, on November 29 last year, Zvenyika, together with his alleged accomplices Raphael Chamangwana, Onward Mukwiza, Partson Magore, Elton Chichoka, and Danmore Kasemba (some of whom are already in custody while others remain at large), descended upon the businessman’s residence in Dema. Armed with four pistols, they launched a meticulously planned assault.

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Intense Violence Unleashed

Overpowering the businessman’s security guard, the robbers forcefully entered the premises and proceeded to assault the businessman and his wife, demanding cash.

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In a state of terror, the family handed over a purse containing US$800. The assailants then proceeded to ransack the house, stealing various items, including clothing, a Revolver Taurus, and a cellphone.

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Escape in Stolen Vehicles

Adding to the devastation, the robbers made off with the businessman’s Toyota Land Cruiser and a Jeep Cherokee, utilizing them as getaway vehicles to facilitate their escape from the scene. The stolen Land Cruiser played a crucial role in their criminal activities.

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Arrest and Legal Proceedings

On Saturday, Zvenyika was arrested by law enforcement. He appeared in court and was remanded in custody. The court advised him to seek bail considerations from the High Court.

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