Njuzu's PregnancyNjuzu pregnant [Image: Monalisa Chavura]

Braveness Of The Man Responsible For Njuzu’s Pregnancy Shocks Social Media Users

Controversial slay queen Njuzu, real name Monalisa Chavura has announced her pregnancy in a recent Instagram post.

Announcing the development, she shared an image of herself in a blue maternity gown and captioned;

There is such a special sweetness in being able to participate in creation. New year with new beginnings and a new journey. This was my surprise blessing and the perfect way to start my new year.

However, reacting to the news, as they say, the internet doesn’t forget, social media users revisited an episode which shot her into the spotlight.

Njuzu found herself trending in 2021 after a series of her bedroom videos made their way onto social media.

A section on social media accused her of deliberately leaking the tapes, but she denied saying it was a bitter ex-boyfriend.

“I mean what do I gain from that, Why would I leak my nudes on purpose?” she said in an Instagram Live video chat.

“So many people are saying I should do something about it because social media doesn’t forget heeeh you not doing it for yourself you have a child’ but there is nothing I can do about it now. It has happened, life has to go on. It’s not my fault that I fell in love with that man two years ago.

“And it doesn’t make sense why someone would do such a thing like this, maybe it’s because of the drama and trending happening around me. I had to go live and tell people that I’m moving on with my life,” she added.

Nonetheless, unforgiving social media users had this to say about her pregnancy announcement;

KUne varume vane zvivindi zvinotokwanisa kubvisa Zanu pachigaro

Bringing another poor soul into this earth,kana iyeye mufesi wacho ane zvivindi,she has the looks but pfungwa dololo

some idiot came inside……idiot

The baby will slide out

Kanobuda kachikambaira


Braveness Of The Man Responsible For Njuzu’s Pregnancy Shocks Social Media Users

By Mandisa