How Twitter Helped Save a Man Shot Seven TimesHow Twitter Helped Save a Man Shot Seven Times [Image; Sinethemba Rasmeni Twitter]

When Social Media Saves Lives: How Twitter Helped Save a Man Shot Seven Times

A South African man Sinethemba Rasmeni had given up on life after being shot seven times. Pain from countless operations that ensued from the shooting incident drove him to Twitter, wishing for his death.

On January 13 2023, Rasmeni took to the microblogging platform writing;

21 September 2022 around 4pm two guys came into my house pointed me with a gun and asked for my car keys and i gave them, they wanted to tie me when i refused they shot me 7 bullets broke both my legs. And since that day its been operation after operation.

@2022AFRICA i am tired, i dont have the strength anymore for this operation because its not the last one they will be doing after this i will have to wait for 3 months then come back for a hip replacement. I cant take the pain anymore.
I have accepted that i will never be the same, even joked about how my walk will change but these news they told me today just killed all the hope i had inside me, all i want right now is to die. I wish my family and everyone else would let me go. Its been 4 months
In hospital a lot of people havent been seeing me. Dying right now wont make much of a difference and life goes one. Two months down the line they will forget me just like everyone else who has passed on.

Despite his bleak outlook, Rasmeni received an outpouring of compassion and support from the Twitter community. People from all over the world sent messages of encouragement and hope, reminding John that he was not alone and that he could get through this.

“Man I just found myself praying for you, this will not be the end of your story,” Twitter user Prince Nyonieresponded.
“If 7 bullets couldn’t kill you, no amount of pain will kill you. Other people die from just one bullet: but here you are testifying the goodness of God. Everything has a time and now it’s time for pain, but be assured, it will pass. Wishing you a speedy recovery bro,” another user Luke Dube added.
“My brother, l am not sure if you will see this. You can never give up on Life- What looks horrible today might not be the case tomorrow. 7 bullets and you survived thats huge blessings and grace brother. Hold on hope does not disappoint! Wishing you a speedy recovery!” Dr Ghost.

Overwhelmed by the kindness and support of strangers on Twitter, Rasmeni had a glimmer of hope sparked within him, and he chose to fight on.

Earlier this month, he tweeted;

“After almost 5 months with endless operations today (February 9), i did this it felt good even thou its painful. Wont you look at God ? Thank you to everyone who gave me hope when i was hopeless.  @2022AFRICA”




He walks again!!!!






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