83-Year-Old Man Who Cheated With His late Wife's uncle Presents Birth Certificate Confirming Fatherhood[Image Credit: BMetro]

83-Year-Old Man Who Cheated With His late Wife’s uncle Presents Birth Certificate Confirming Fatherhood

An 83-year-old, Bulawayo man who cheated with his late wife’s uncle has come out to claim paternity by producing the child’s birthday certificate that names him the father. Themba Ndlela revealed having a romantic relationship with the late Linet Dube.

Customary Marriage and Conflicting Claims

Tshipisa Nkomo, uncle to Themba, was customarily married to Linet. It is alleged that Linet introduced him to Themba as her uncle. During their marriage, Nkomo believed that the child he fathered was his. However, while Nkomo was transferred to Masvingo, his wife allegedly stayed with Themba, who is now claiming to be the  biological as the birth certificate is stating.

“We had a child together and before we could take the birth certificate for the child I was transferred to Masvingo,” confirmed Nkomo. “While I was in Masvingo my wife was staying with Ndlela. And I believe it was at that time that Themba and my wife connived and took the birth certificate for our child. Now Ndlela is named as the biological father of the child.”

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Shocking Revelation and Custody Battle

When Nkomo discovered the situation, he approached his late wife’s parents and was informed that the child was residing with Themba. However, he took the child back but was served with court summon. He was accused of taking a child who was not biologically his. In court, Themba passionately claimed to be the child’s father, sharing details of his past relationship with Linet.

“Our love affair with Linet came to an end in 2016 when I discovered that she was in love with Nkomo. But I did not stop supporting the child because I’m certain that the child is mine,” stated Themba.

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Unanswered Questions and Pending Resolution

Themba was contacted for clarity but he abruptly ended the call, leaving crucial questions unanswered. Now everyone is waiting for the DNA results to review the truth concerning this complex matter.

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As we for DNA results from Tinashe Mugabe’s show, we hope the results review the truth to the case.