Sgodo Demands Lobola Refund After Wife Left Him for Man of God[Image Credit: BMetro]

Sgodo Demands Lobola Refund After Wife Left Him for Man of God

Zimbabwean musician Alson Mandla Thebe, popularly known as Sgodo, is seeking a refund of lobola after his wife, Buhle Ncube, left him for a man of God. Adding to his frustration, Ncube has been allegedly sending Sgodo romantic messages and pictures while being with man of God.

Sgodo’s Battle for Access to His Child

Mandla claims that Ncube took their child, who is now living with her mother, and she is refusing to grant him access. Despite their promising future, Ncube decided to leave soon after their child turned one-year-old, leaving Sgodo fighting for parental rights without success.

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Lobola Payment and Financial Dispute

Mandla believes that his in-laws took advantage of him, asserting that the lobola he paid for Ncube should have covered the child’s upkeep. Feeling financially drained, Sgodo demands a full refund of the lobola he paid.

“My in-laws were trying to drain me financially and leave me penniless,” said the musician. “My child should be allowed to live with my mother, who is still alive, but Ncube’s parents are against the idea.

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Ncube’s Side of the Story

Ncube admits to being in a relationship with Mandla and moving in with him after lobola was paid. However, she claims that Sgodo engaged in extramarital affairs, causing her to leave and return to South Africa for work.

“It is indeed true that I was in a relationship with Sgodo,” stated Ncube. “Trouble started three months after moving in with him. He started having extra marital affairs with several women.”

Custody Condition: Sgodo Must Marry His Daughter First


Sgodo and Ncube with their Daughter

Ncube strongly objects to Sgodo having custody unless he marries their daughter first. While he can visit the child, Ncube asserts her parental rights until the child turns 18.

“If he wants to see his child, he is free to do that but if he wants to take her and live with her then yes he will have to lobola her first. Right now the child is below 18 and I have every right to do whatever I want with her,” said Ncube.

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Ncube’s New Relationship and Defiance

Ncube states that she has moved on and urges Mandla to do the same. She alleges that Mandla was disrespectful and abusive, lacking respect for her parents. She brags about her new partner, emphasizing that he treats her well and satisfies her.


In recent times, there has been a surge in dramatic stories involving men of God. iHarare recently reported a story involving another man of God who was apprehended on his wedding day for evading child support payment from a previous marriage. These incidents highlight the complexities and controversies surrounding relationships and responsibilities within society.