51-Year-Old Man Admits to Fondling 77-Year-Old Mother's Breasts[Image Credit: iStock]

51-Year-Old Man Admits to Fondling 77-Year-Old Mother’s Breasts

A 51-year-old man caused a commotion in court as he shamelessly confessed to fondling his 77-year-old mother’s breasts and physically assaulting her.

Startling Confession and Apology

Cleopas Gwarimbo, depicted in the accompanying image, stunned the courtroom when he appeared before Western Commonage magistrate Sikhethile Moyo and entered a guilty plea for charges of indecent assault and physical abuse.

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Blaming Alcohol for His Actions

Attempting to explain his disturbing behavior, Gwarimbo attributed his actions to the influence of alcohol. He  stated, “The problem starts when I get drunk, and that’s when I start to trouble my mother.”

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A Heartfelt Plea for Forgiveness

Gwarimbo sincerely apologized to his mother, expressing deep remorse for his wayward conduct. He humbly appealed, “I’m really sorry to my mother for my wayward behavior. May she kindly forgive me.”

Ailing Mother’s Distressing Testimony

The elderly mother, unable to stand unaided and forced to remain seated, provided a harrowing account of her son’s mistreatment. She revealed, “He is troubling me. Whenever he is drunk, he hurls insults at me and sometimes beats me, accusing me of allowing my grandchild, with whom we reside, to become pregnant.”

Fear of Further Harm

In a distressing revelation, the grandmother expressed her fear of potential sexual assault, recounting an incident from the previous week. She disclosed, “Last week, he banged on my bedroom door. When I opened it, he fondled my breasts. Now I’m afraid he will rape me.”

Alarming Behavior Beyond the Mother

The grandmother disclosed that her unruly son’s inappropriate actions extended beyond her. She divulged that he also fondled his niece’s breasts and buttocks on occasion.

Loss of Property and Desperate Plea

The distressed mother informed the court that her son had sold her household belongings, squandering the proceeds on alcohol. She lamented, “He steals my household property and sells it to buy beer. Now I don’t have any property left. I pray that this honorable court will sentence him to jail, giving him an opportunity to reform.”

Awaiting Sentencing

Gwarimbo was granted remand until October 4th for his sentencing, as the court deliberates on the appropriate course of action.


The Gwarimbo case serves as a reminder to young men everywhere. Alcohol abuse can lead to regrettable consequences later on, as per Harvard Healthy Publishing report.