Live Baboon Unearthed Under Bed in Tsholotsho By a Traditionalist[Image Credit: B-Metro]

Live Baboon Unearthed Under Bed in Tsholotsho By a Traditionalist

Tsholotsho villagers were left in utter shock when a traditionalist unearthed a live baboon hidden beneath a 64-year-old villager’s bed during a cleansing ceremony.

Unveiling the Mysterious Ailment

The cleansing ceremony took place in Ntulane village as an attempt to uncover the origins of a perplexing ailment afflicting the pupils, resulting in knee handicaps. Maina Ndlovu, expressed her ongoing astonishment during an interview, confessing her complete bewilderment regarding the baboon’s sudden appearance.

A Startling Revelation

Live Baboon Unearthed Under Bed in Tsholotsho By a Traditionalist
Tsholotsho Traditionalist

Ndlovu recounted the events, stating, “It was during a cleansing ceremony when the traditionalist, Nqobizitha Moyo, informed me that a creature from my previous marriage resided under my bed. I denied the accusation, and we proceeded to my homestead.”

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Upon arrival, Moyo initiated the rituals by pouring salt to purify the yard. Together, they entered Ndlovu’s bedroom hut. Guided by the spirit, Moyo meticulously examined the property until he reached the bed. Astonishingly, he uncovered a baboon hidden within a hole.

Ndlovu remained dumbfounded by the incident, having been completely unaware of the animal’s presence beneath her bed.

Confronting the Unseen

Ndlovu disclosed, “There had always been a hole under my bed, but I had no inkling that it could accommodate such a sizable creature.” Subsequently, the baboon was euthanized and incinerated along with vases discovered in her house.

Live Baboon Unearthed Under Bed in Tsholotsho By a Traditionalist
Traditionalist Holding a Goblin

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Despite the shocking nature of the incident, Ndlovu found solace in the fact that she could now sleep peacefully. Previously, she had attributed eerie sounds on her roof to owls, but after the cleansing ceremony, tranquility prevailed.

Resistance and Controversy

Vincent Hadebe, the headman of Ntulane village, acknowledged the significant resistance encountered during the cleansing ceremonies. Certain community members dismissed the authenticity of the items discovered, deeming them as mere rubber props.

To address these doubts, the chief and other elders were invited to bear witness to one of the ceremonies. They observed the slaughtering of the baboon, witnessing the blood and intestines firsthand.


Witchcraft, a global phenomenon, continues to shape the beliefs and daily lives of many individuals, instilling anxiety and fear due to the threats faced by its victims.