33-Year-Old Nurse student Commits Suicide After Failing Final Exams[Image Credit: Welcome Mabhena Facebook]

33-Year-Old Nurse student Commits Suicide After Failing Final Exams

A 33-year-old Primary Care Nurse student at Nkayi District Hospital, has tragically committed suicide after failing his final exams.

It is alleged that Welcome Mabhena resorted to kill himself by consuming a dipping chemical after he was failed by his tutors due to his refusal to bribe them for better marks.

Alleged Demands for Bribes and Exam Failure

Welcome Mabhena

Sources intimate with the incident claim that Mabhena’s tutors approached him, requesting bribes in exchange for ensuring his passing grades. When Mabhena did not meet their demands, the tutors allegedly conspired to deliberately fail him in his final examinations, plunging him into depression and despair.

Financial Losses and Intimidation

The tutors had a history of demanding bribes and exorbitant fees from students, without issuing any receipts. Mabhena himself suffered financial losses exceeding US$1000 due to the alleged extortion. In 2022, he had clashed with his tutors for refusing to comply with their demands, which resulted in him being coerced into signing a dismissal letter.

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Mental Struggles and Betrayal

Mabhena’s friends reveal that he constantly faced unjust treatment from his tutors, who marked him down on assignments, weekly tests, and end-of-block assessments. Despite his background in science subjects at an advanced level, he viewed the primary care nursing course as relatively easy, making his failure a shocking surprise.

Devastating Rejection and Tragic Decision

After collecting his results on September 8th, Mabhena was offered counseling by his tutors, but he declined. Feeling deeply rejected and unwanted, he made the decision to return to his rural home in Mawuwini Village.

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Final Moments and Consuming the Chemical

During the journey home, Mabhena was intercepted by colleagues celebrating, but remained quiet throughout the festivities. Once the celebrations concluded, he boarded a bus and returned home. Upon arriving, he greeted his family members, hinting at a great tribulation befalling him. However, he left without further explanation. Subsequently, Mabhena headed towards Tshangani River, where he consumed a dipping chemical around 5 p.m.

Discovery and Vain Efforts

Villagers discovered Mabhena near the Fanisoni Bridge, in a groaning and exhausted state. He informed them about consuming the dipping chemical from the Silugu Dip tank. The family was promptly alerted and rushed him to Nkayi District Hospital. From there, he was transferred to Mpilo Central Hospital in Bulawayo, where dedicated doctors and nurses fought tirelessly to save his life, but tragically, their efforts proved futile.


The tragic suicide of Welcome Mabhena highlights a distressing trend of student suicides in Zimbabwe. Just recently, iHarare covered the story of a 17-year-old girl who ended her life after intimate photos with a married man were exposed. It is crucial for the Ministry of Education to ensure educators are adequately compensated to prevent corruption.