44-year-old Nyanga man Accused of Abusing Late Brother's 15-Year-Old Daughter[Image Credit: Manicapost]

44-year-old Nyanga man Accused of Abusing Late Brother’s 15-Year-Old Daughter

A 44-year-old Nyanga man, Tendai Chitsatse stands accused of abusing his late brother’s 15-year-old daughter, Chenai Chitsatse.

The Unholy Union and Nomadic Lifestyle

Chenai, now aged 33 endured sexual abuse by her uncle after her parents’ death. Tendai admitted to molesting her, sneaking into her room while leaving his wife. Their illicit relationship resulted in the birth of four children, aged nine, five, two, and three months.

Escaping Detection and Unveiling the Truth

Tendai and Chenai lived a nomadic life, moving from Nyanga to Macheke. Whenever they suspected that their relationship would be exposed, they would move to other rural areas. Their secret was eventually revealed when Chenai’s half-brother, Orient Mafukidze, who had lost contact with her for two decades, tracked her down. Upon learning of the incestuous relationship between the two, an outraged Mafukidze reported the matter to Acting Chief Saunyama’s court, leading to subsequent police involvement.

A Cry for Rescue and Traditional Court Intervention

Seeking freedom from her monstrous uncle, Chenai pleaded with the court to rescue her from years of enduring abuse. Acting Chief Saunyama denounced Tendai’s misuse of authority and demanded a custodial sentence.

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Legal Proceedings and Charges

The case has been brought before the Nyanga Magistrates’ Court, where Tendai and Chenai face charges of engaging in sexual intercourse within a prohibited degree of relationship. The prosecution argued that the sexual relationship between Tendai and Chenai took place between 2014 and September 9, 2023, resulting in the birth of their four children.

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Awaiting Justice

Tendai was remanded in custody, while Chenai was remanded out of custody. The court proceedings will resume on October 5 as they await justice for the horrifying crimes committed against Chenai.

In conclusion, incidents of older men exploiting teenagers are increasing. H-Metro recently covered a story about two Lord Malvin students who were sexually assaulted by their classmates.