24-Year-Old Domestic Worker and Husband Face Murder Conspiracy Charges of a 11-Month-Old Child[Image Credit: iHarare]

24-Year-Old Domestic Worker and Husband Face Murder Charges of a 11-Month-Old Child

Leaflet Ndlovu, a 24-year-old domestic worker, and her new husband face allegations of conspiring to murder her 11-month-old child from a previous relationship.

Conspiracy Unveiled

Ndlovu, employed as a domestic worker in Kandana Village, Plumtree, allegedly conspired with her boyfriend, Trust Mitsi, to strangle her infant daughter on September 8. However, the murder attempt was unsuccessful.

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To conceal their failed plan, the following day, Ndlovu informed her employer’s younger brother, Givemore Ndlovu, that the child was unwell. Upon inspection, Givemore found the baby in pain, with a swollen left leg.

Seeking Assistance & the Tragic Outcome

Givemore took her sister and the infant to Bakisani Gambule’s homestaed to seek help. When they got then, they approached a community health worker Hleziphi Ncube for assistance. However, Ncube suspected foul play or potential abuse and advised them to take the child to the hospital.

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While returning from seeking assistance, the child tragically passed away. Givemore reported the incident to the police, who discovered swelling in the infant’s left foot during examination.

Post Mortem and Arrest

Following a post mortem at Plumtree District Hospital, it was determined that the cause of death was impaired breathing and strangulation. Ndlovu was subsequently arrested and appeared before Plumtree magistrate Joshua Nembaware.

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Legal Proceedings

She was not formally charged and was remanded in custody to 2 October and the magistrate advised her to apply for bail at the High Court.

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Instances of parents murdering their infants are increasing. H-Metro reported a similar incident where an infant died after the father dropped them while pursuing the mother.