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2-year Jail Term For Unregistered Sangomas And Madzibaba

Unregistered Traditional Health Practitioners in Zimbabwe are facing the risk of imprisonment for up to two years for failing to comply with regulations set out by the Traditional Medical Practitioners Council of Zimbabwe (TMPCZ).

The council has issued a statement calling on all unregistered traditional (sangomas) and faith healers (madzibaba) to register with the organization in their respective provinces, including those who manufacture or sell herbal medicines.

Failure to comply with the directive will result in a fine of up to US$400, imprisonment for up to two years, or both. Tsikamutandas, prophets, and all traditional and spiritual healers have until the end of the month to register and obtain a license. The cost of the license remains unclear at this time.

iBulawayo publishes the statement in its entirety;



Harare, 24 February 2023, The Traditional Medical Practitioners Council of Zimbabwe (TMPCZ) hereby gives notice to all unregistered Traditional Health Practitioners to go and register in their respective provinces.

The required categories are:

I. Traditional Healers, Faith Healers, including Prophets and Apostles’ Bishops Traditional Birth Attendants/Spirit Mediums
2. Churches
3. Local and Foreign Traditional Medical Associations
4. Associations representing all categories of different practitioners
5. Herbalists/Herbal Gardens/Traditional Wholesalers/Shops
6. Distributors/Manufacturers of Traditional Medicine
7. Traditional Surgeries/Clinics
8. Training Institutions

The council kindly informs Practitioners that it is a legal requirement to register with the TMPCZ in terms of the Traditional Medical Practitioners Act Chapter 27:14 (Act 38/1981, 6/2000 (s. 151), 22/2001 (s. 4), 14/2022 (s. 42)).

Chapter 27:14 Part VI Section 31 stipulates that a person who practices or carries the business as a traditional medical practitioner without being registered is liable to a fine not exceeding (US$400.00) or to imprisonment for a period not exceeding two years or to both such fine and such imprisonment.

Traditional Medical Practitioners Council of Zimbabwe is a public entity under the purview of Ministry of Health and Child Care. We expect that, by the end of March 2023 all legal abiding practitioners will have paid their practicing licenses.

For more information contact: Givemore Kanda -Acting Registrar Email: gvkanda@gmail.com
Cell 0777 000 441
tmpczim@gmail.com or visit our website at:
TMPC – http://tmpc.org.zw:2096/

By Mandisa