Comic Pastor Proposing Marriage To His Ex-wife He Denied KnowingComic Pastor Proposing Marriage To His Ex-wife He Denied Knowing

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Popular comedian Comic Pastor’s lies that he does not know his ex-wife, Munyaradzi Mavura, who recently came out accusing him of physical abuse, continue to fall flat.

Mavura claims that Comic Pastor physically abused her during their one-year marriage, resulting in a miscarriage.

The allegations were denied by Comic Pastor, who stated that he did not know Munyaradzi Mavura when contacted by a local tabloid for a comment.

“The only wife I know is Noddy and that’s the only person I am married to. I married my wife six years ago. Uyo handimuzive. If Noddy comes to the media complaining, then I will comment about it. I am currently in England so if Noddy has an issue dai ataura,” Comic Pastor told the tabloid.

However, Munyaradzi Mavura has since provided evidence of her miscarriage and shared receipts of medical bills she footed after the incident.

To prove that the two were indeed married, an image of Comic Pastor proposing to Mavura has also emerged on social media.

Check out the image below;

Comic Pastor Proposing Marriage To His Ex-wife He Denied Knowing
Comic Pastor Proposing Marriage To His Ex-wife He Denied Knowing [cred: unknown]
Narrating what she went through during the year-long marriage on her Facebook account, she wrote;

Speaking out …but why after six years ..(life as Comic pastors wife)
I wanted to speak out right away but it was hard and difficult,I was suffering from myself,I had grown to love pregnancy and I was looking forward to be a mother and loosing it was a difficult time for me ,to make matters worse one time just months after miscarriage he invited me a children program he was hosting and in his word he said “I know you love kids so u can come” he poured flames on me he reactivated my pains tho h didn’t bother about it it was just a slip on a day,,abuse it’s self traumatized me and killed all the Munya that I knew back then,I had lost confidence ,I was parrallized inside,I was going through emotional trauma,I needed to heal ,I wanted to someday get wings to fly wasn’t easy to walk in streets and would b asking myself but why? It took me years a journey to my healing and it’s been a road to discovery to discover myself,the process it’s like nursing wounds with hot chilli it keeps burning and hurting’s difficult to forget,it’s something one wil have to live with the mark left is too big and it has a stamp ,.the painful of it all is my baby,to some may say it was just a pregnancy but oh boy u dot know how it has affected me ,.it’s almost like rape ..they don’t heal by keeping quiet or by saying”mwari ndiye anoziva” we have been thru these traumas we heal through speaking out….I advice you woman speak out don’t die in a shell,walk away from an abusive marriage it’s never too late to try something else…I have picked up the pieces returned back to school,strted travelling ,finding new love,building a travel business,I have found the pieces to my pazzel just that am still fitting them back one day at a step until it’s finished,A GIRL OR A WOMAN HAS TO START SOMEWHERE* after these traumas…musade kufira mudzimba dzema abusers muchiti muchzomuka ngozi ,it don’t work graves are full of people whom died before their time and haven’t fulfiiled their dreams.

By Mandisa