17-Year Marriage Crumbles After Husband Discovers Wife Sharing Noodles with Over 15 Boyfriends[Image Credit: H-Metro]

17-Year Marriage Crumbles After Husband Discovers Wife Sharing Noodles with Over 15 Boyfriends

A marriage of over 17 years crumbles after the husband discovers that his wife has been exchanging noodles with over 15 boyfriends. The husband uncovered this when he went through her phone and found explicit WhatsApp chats.

Unveiling the Truth

In an attempt to cover up her actions, Letwina Mateke, the wife, changed the sim card and abandoned the one she had been using to exchange noodles with her boyfriends. However, the husband grew suspicious and kept the sim card, only to discover that the boyfriends were still sending their noodles to his wife. The husband then confronted four of the boyfriends and met them in person.

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Married and Deceptive

When contacted for a comment, the wife was unreachable. Some boyfriends acknowledged the relationships, but many claimed ignorance of her marital status, as she utilized a singles’ WhatsApp group to connect with potential partners.

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The Husband Exposing the Truth

Upon discovering his wife’s explicit relationships, he contacted his wife’s boss to disclose his findings. To his surprise, the boss revealed that the wife had actually asked her coworker to introduce her to potential boyfriends, presenting herself as a single woman.

Unfortunate Escalation

The husband later disclosed the matter to the wife’s relatives. Regrettably, the wife’s sister reacted inappropriately by engaging in a physical fight with the husband. As a result, the husband reported the case to Kuwadzana Police Station.

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Responses from the Boyfriends

One of the boyfriends, upon being contacted for a comment, revealed that when the husband approached him, he confirmed that he was dating his wife, although he was unaware of her marital status. He  then advised the husband to remove his wife from singles’ WhatsApp groups.