ZRP Officer Unleashes Dog on Student in Fiery St Faith Mission Protest[Image Credit: X]

ZRP Officer Unleashes Dog on Student in Fiery St Faith Mission Protest

A ZRP officer was captured on camera setting a dog on a student at St Faith Mission during a protest over the controversial US$600 mission fund.

The students, in an act of defiance, had taken to the streets to express their opposition to the Anglican Church’s new financial demand.

Protest Erupts at Mission

Students at St Faith’s Mission embarked on a protest against the Anglican Church’s imposition of a US$600 mission fund. The learners, frustrated by the financial burden, voiced their dissent through a demonstration that attracted attention from the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education.

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Violence Escalates

Last week tensions between parents and the church escalated when a priest at St Faith Mission resorted to physical aggression. As parents accompanied Form Five learners to the school, they faced armed security guards hired by the church to enforce payment of the mission fund. A video circulated on social media showed an enraged clergy member, identified as Mavhezha, assaulting Village-head Fungai Changadzo, prompting intervention from the outraged parents.

Chaos Unleashed at Mission

The situation quickly spiraled out of control as the clergy member indiscriminately shoved people and made threats of violence. Despite being restrained by three individuals, he proceeded to punch a physically challenged man who relied on crutches, causing him to fall to the ground. The ensuing chaos led to the manhandling of the clergy member, resulting in torn clothing.

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Authorities Confirm Incident

Acting Manicaland provincial police spokesperson, Assistant Inspector Wiseman Chinyoka, confirmed the incident and assured the public that investigations are underway to address the matter.

Ongoing Controversy

While school stakeholders and the government oppose the payment of the mission fund, the church remains unwavering in its demands, leading to recurring conflicts during the enrollment of Form One and Form Five students. The diocese, determined to monetize access to its top-performing mission schools, including St Faith’s High, St David’s Bonda Girls High, St Augustine’s High, and St Mathias Tsonzo, has faced staunch resistance from stakeholders since the fund’s introduction in 2021.