Zimunya Men Who Went Viral For Bedding Married Woman In Exchange For Vegetables Arrested[Image Credit: Manica Post]

In a shocking turn of events, two Zimunya men, Joshua Chabodo (48) and Freddy Mwatutsa (46), have been arrested and brought before the courts on rape charges. The men gained notoriety after a video of them bedding a married woman, believed to be mentally challenged, went viral on social media platforms. The incident occurred in Chikara Village, where the case was initially presented before Headman Chigodora, resulting in the perpetrators publicly admitting to their actions.

The Manica Post reports that appearing before Mutare regional magistrate, Ms Pathekhile Msipa, on Wednesday, Chabodo and Mwatutsa faced charges of rape as defined in Section 65 (1) of the Criminal Law (Codification and Reform) Act, Chapter 9:23. They were remanded in custody until June 7, with the recommendation to seek bail at the High Court.

Exploiting a Vulnerable Victim

The victim, a 22-year-old woman, is unable to provide consent due to her mental condition. According to the prosecution led by Ms Perseverance Musukuto, the series of heinous acts unfolded in April. Chabodo initially visited the woman’s homestead and exposed her to explicit content on his cellphone. Returning later that evening, he took advantage of the victim’s intoxicated husband and proceeded to engage in unprotected sexual acts with her while the husband lay unaware beside them.

Chilling Testimony Unveiled

The following morning, Chabodo was caught red-handed by the husband’s sister sneaking out of the couple’s bedroom, prompting an inquiry. The victim bravely disclosed the horrifying encounters to her sister-in-law, leading to the exposure of the crimes committed against her. Furthermore, it was revealed that Chabodo, residing in close proximity to the couple, had also sexually abused the woman on multiple occasions in a nearby bush.

Another Disturbing Case

In a separate incident involving Freddy Mwatutsa, he approached the woman when she was alone at home and persuaded her to accompany him to his homestead to collect some cabbages. Seizing the opportunity, Mwatutsa redirected her to a nearby bush, where he coerced her into engaging in sexual acts. Following the encounter, he rewarded her with carrots and cabbages before she returned to her homestead. Tragically, Mwatutsa continued to exploit the vulnerable woman without providing any protection.

These distressing cases highlight the urgent need for justice and protection of the most vulnerable members of society. The arrests of Chabodo and Mwatutsa serve as a reminder that such abhorrent acts will not go unpunished. The court proceedings will shed further light on these reprehensible crimes, providing an opportunity for the victims to seek justice and find closure.