Explosive Love Triangle Erupts in Church: Roman Catholic Priest Caught in Scandalous Affair as Married Congregant Disrupts Service[Image Credit: B-Metro]

Unholy Drama Unfolds in Catholic Church: Church Service Turns Chaotic as Married Congregant Accuses Priest of Illicit Romance


In a shocking turn of events at St Bernard’s Parish in Bulawayo’s Old Pumula suburb, a Roman Catholic priest finds himself entangled in a potentially explosive love triangle. Lisa Blessed Filunyu, a married congregant, stormed a church service to confront Lynetty Sibonokuhle Ncube, accusing her of engaging in a romantic affair with her husband and the priest.

Drama Unleashed: Accusations Fly!

B-Metro reports that the disruption of the church service unfolded in dramatic fashion as Lisa Blessed Filunyu pointed fingers at Lynetty Sibonokuhle Ncube, branding her a “serial prostitute” and blaming her for the alleged illicit relationships. Father Thomas Kutwa, the embroiled priest stationed at St Bernard’s Parish, vehemently denied any romantic involvement with Ncube. When contacted for comment, Father Kutwa expressed his anger and stated, “I’m not in love with her. I’m not aware of the incident, maybe when it happened, I was not around.”

Explosive Love Triangle Erupts in Church: Roman Catholic Priest Caught in Scandalous Affair as Married Congregant Disrupts Service
[Image Credit: B-Metro]

Legal Battle Erupts: Accusations and Emotional Drain

Following the confrontation, Ncube, a nurse at Ingutsheni Hospital, decided to take legal action against Filunyu, a teacher, citing defamation and public harassment. Ncube claimed that Filunyu’s accusations had tarnished her image and left her emotionally drained. Ncube applied for a peace order at the Western Commonage Court, seeking protection from Filunyu’s continuous insults and threats. Ncube revealed, “She usually sends threats through the phone. Last week on Sunday, she confronted me at church and manhandled me.”

Claims and Counterclaims: Love, Betrayal, and Manipulation

In her affidavit, Ncube detailed the accusations made against her, stating, “She is in the habit of insulting me while accusing me of being in love with her husband. She is also alleging that I’m in love with my priest who is stationed at St Bernard’s.” Filunyu, on the other hand, labeled Ncube as a “man-snatcher” and claimed that Ncube boasted about her alleged intimate relationship with Filunyu’s husband. Filunyu accused Ncube of attempting to wreck her marriage and even suggested that Ncube was also infatuated with the priest.

Legal Protection Granted: Orders Issued

The presiding magistrate, Shepherd Mnjanja, granted Ncube a protection order against Filunyu, prohibiting verbal and physical abuse. Additionally, Filunyu was ordered not to visit Ncube’s workplace or home in Old Pumula suburb. Similarly, William Masanda, Filunyu’s husband, was granted a protection order against Ncube, with Ncube being instructed to avoid visiting Masanda’s home and to refrain from communicating with him.

As the legal battle unfolds and the truth remains uncertain, the St Bernard’s Parish finds itself at the center of a scandalous affair, leaving the congregation shocked and questioning the sanctity of their church.