Men In Female Clothing NAMAMen Dressed In Female Clothing At NAMA

Zimbabweans Wish For Mugabe’s Return As Men Dressed In Female Clothing Are Spotted At NAMA

There are loud cries across social media platforms for the resurrection of the late Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe after men dressed in female clothing were spotted at the recently held National Arts Merit Awards (NAMA).

Mugabe was known for his tough stance against gays and lesbianism, which made many in Zimbabwe’s LGBTQI+ community shy away from exposing their true selves.

However, in this “new dispensation,” it seems the conditions are a bit more relaxed asĀ  LGBTQI+ community members are frequently seen expressing themselves freely. Many believe one such instance was at the NAMA.

Check out images of men dressed in female clothing at NAMA below;

The images sent social media into overdrive, with one section alluding that had Mugabe still been alive, nothing of this nature would have emerged;

Taremeredzwa Mutoriti

The only reason I beginning to doubt our government. So it’s true the balls went with Mugabe.
Cry my beloved Zimbabwe

Tawan Tawan

I cry ,cry ………l cry ,yesterday l was against ,but today l remember u son of e soil who doesn’t tolerate nonsense in his land Dzimbadzemabwe(Zimbabwe)RlP R.G Mugabe

Unistar Dmg

We need him back

Diana Makurira

This is bad and it’s now getting out of hand …….got only one wish ……rest in peace Gushungo

Norman Chaguma

This is my first time to miss The late Dictator President R. G. Mugabe.
But a different camp hit back at critics, saying everyone has a right to express themself as the pictured gentlemen did;


Nhlanhla Dube

Everyone has his or her life in this earth so how that person lives it ?? Its none of our business. My concern is in embezzlement of public funds, corruption illicit financial flow. Shouldn’t we as Zimbabweans focus on that other than sexual orientations of pipo and how they identify themselves??

KhethiMpilo Jiyane

Good to see them living their best lives. There’s nothing hard about people for who they are. If they gay, let them be.

By Mandisa