Ammara Brown Crushing On FreemanAmmara Brown x Freeman [Ammara Facebook/ Freeman Spotify]

NAMA Diaries | Watch As Ammara Brown Is Spotted Crushing On Freeman

An image of popular musician Ammara Brown crushing Zimdancehall chanter Freeman has sent social media into overdrive.

Celebrating his wins for Outstanding Male Artist and Outstanding Album at the recently held National Arts Merit Awards (NAMA), Freeman took to Facebook and shared a picture of himself holding the gongs and captioned;

This is for you maGallis ,Outstanding Male Artist & Outstanding Album. I really don’t know how to express myself towards this, it feels great to be appreciated for your craft by your own. Would want to give thanks to my crew the management team Watson Kafelapanjila ,Minnox and Michelle Mukaro you guys have been working so hard All producers i have worked with my HKD Band crew pese patinoenda kuma shows they always come up with ideas of new songs thanks family. My distributors, Jungle you always make sure my music reaches most territories  My respect also goes to National Arts Merit Awards Nama thanks for this big recognition not forgetting National Arts Council of Zimbabwe – NACZ for walking with us as artists all the way, Tinashe Mutarisi Hatipfeke junk this is for you my generals you are always behind me pandinodonha you lift me up. Beyond the boarders i would want to thank Christopher Martin and his crew deyah ina JA thanks fam your contribution made a big difference !! All of this is made possible by the almighty #Kutenda 🙏🏾 GOD DID…

But there was more to the picture, which is hard to miss. In the background, Ammara appears smitten at the sight of the Imi Amai hitmaker who held the spotlight before the camera. She is seen standing at a distance with her lithe frame leaning languidly on a nearby table, her feet crossed, with a slight hint of a blush on her cheeks.

Check out the picture below;

Ammara Brown Spotted Crushing On Freeman
The moment Ammara Brown was spotted crushing on Freeman [image | Freeman HKD Facebook]



By Mandisa