Zimbabwean Found Dead In The UK, Family Seeks Closure![Image: Twitter/@callMeSibz)

Zimbabwean Found Dead In The UK, Family Seeks Closure!


A Zimbabwean man has been found dead in his car in the UK, leaving his family distraught and searching for answers. The victim, Bornwell Chiyoko, was an accounting consultant possibly based in the UK’s Midlands area, according to reports.

The Police in the UK made the discovery, and the family of the deceased has reached out for assistance to identify his last known place of abode. They are also appealing for help in collecting his belongings and valuables.

Family’s appeal for help

A Twitter user reached out to the Zimbabwean community on social media, stating,

“His family in Zimbabwe has reached out to me asking for any help with regards to isolating his last known place of abode so they can arrange for collection of his valuables and belongings. If anyone of you knows him and can share any details with the family, please inbox me, and I will forward this information on. I am also happy to put any such people in direct contact with his loved ones.”


Zimbabwean Found Dead In The UK, Family Seeks Closure!
[Image: Twitter/@callMeSibz)

Mystery surrounds the case

The circumstances surrounding Bornwell Chiyoko’s death remain unclear. The police have not yet released any information about the case, leaving the family in the dark. The lack of information has led to speculation and uncertainty surrounding the case.

The family’s search for closure

The family is pleading with the public to come forward with any information that may help them piece together what happened to their loved one. They are also asking for assistance in retrieving Bornwell Chiyoko’s belongings so that they can bring him home and lay him to rest.

The family’s search for closure continues, and they are urging anyone with information to come forward. As they mourn their loss, they hope to find answers that will bring them peace.

Zimbabwean Found Dead In The UK, Family Seeks Closure!
[Image: JustGiving.com]

Crowdfunding Campaign

A crowdfunding campaign has since been set up on the platform JustGiving. The campaign was set up by “Lilian and Ndai” and has been titled “We are raising £2 to Donate to Bornwell’s memory.”

It reads,

“This page has been set up in loving memory of Bornwell Chiyoko, our beloved Son, Brother, Uncle, Nephew and Friend who sadly passed away on 5th April 2023.

“Many thanks for your donations, all of which, together with any messages you wish to leave, will be passed on to Bornwell’s family, who are immensely thankful for all your support and prayers during this difficult time.”

Since the fundraising campaign was set up, it has raised £691. This is more than 34 500 percent of the campaign’s stated goal of £2.