[Image: ZBC News]

Two Cousins Drown in Donnybrook Quarry Pit

In a heartbreaking incident, two girls from the same family drowned over the weekend while swimming in a disused quarry pit in the vicinity of Donnybrook Racecourse. Tafara Masamba, 15, and Blessing Munemo, 12, had left their house under the pretence of attending a car racing event but instead went swimming with other children from the neighbourhood.

Eyewitness Panashe Nyashanu recounted that the children had already drowned by the time people arrived on the scene.

“They had come to swim when they met fate. The 15-year-old one washed her clothes and asked her friend for help after being stuck in the mud. Unfortunately, they all drowned.”


Two Girls From Same Family Drown In Quarry Pit After Going Swimming
[Image: ZBC News]

Family Member Speaks Out

Catherine Masango, a family member, revealed that the two cousins had initially said they were going to church.

“They left the house saying they were going to church but later came back saying there was no church. Together with other children from the neighbourhood, they left and went to Donnybrook. We later heard that they had drowned.

“The children who were at the scene said Tafara tried to rescue Blessing, who was stuck in the mud but they later drowned together,” said Masango.


Lack of Perimeter Fence

Mourners who spoke to NewZimbabwe.com on Tuesday blamed the owners of Donnybrook Racecourse for failing to erect a perimeter fence around the pit. However, a caretaker at the car racing course stated that a perimeter fence was erected but was later stolen by thieves.

Efforts to Save Them in Vain

Nyashanu explained that the secluded area made it difficult for people to reach the children in time.

“When we heard that they had drowned they came and tried first aid, but she had already died. The other one we could not locate her but was found by her father who was alerted by other friends.”

This tragedy serves as a reminder of the dangers of swimming in unsupervised areas.