World's Biggest Lips(image: New York Post)

Woman With World’s Biggest Lips Wants To Grow Them Further Despite Risking That They’ll Burst

Andrea Ivanova, a 25-year-old social media influencer from Bulgaria, has become known for her quest to have the “world’s biggest lips”. She began getting lip fillers in 2018 and has since spent thousands of pounds to achieve her goal. She has also spent an estimated £1,600 on cheekbone filler. Despite having received a lot of filler already, she believes her lips are still “not big enough” and hopes to achieve a new record with her well-defined facial structure.

“I still want bigger lips and I will continue with more injections to make them even bigger,” Andrea previously explained.

“My lips are still not big enough and I want them much bigger than now. Every month, I will get more filler, but I can’t even count how much money I’ve spent in total.”

Andrea’s pursuit of bigger lips has not been without controversy. Some clinics have refused to give her more lip fillers, as further injections could cause health complications. However, this has not deterred her from her goal, and she has vowed to continue getting more injections to make her lips even bigger.

World's Biggest Lips
(image: New York Post)

While many of Andrea’s fans adore her look and praise her for her commitment to her own vision of beauty, others have expressed concern for her well-being. Some have even speculated that her lips could be close to “bursting”. In response to her critics, Andrea has said that she does not worry about other people’s opinions, as she follows her own strict standards of beauty.

“Are you not scared they will just burst one day,” read one reply, while another said: “So sad! Please don’t be just a pair of lips.”

Others adore her look, with one person praising: “They look amazing,” and a different commenter saying: “Absolute beauty and perfection.”

Addressing her fans, Andre said: “I don’t worry about people’s comments, as I have my own taste and views on beauty – I follow them strictly.

“Each person should satisfy themselves without fearing or worrying about the opinion of others, because the meaning of life is to be happy.”


By Mandisa