Cheating With Step MomJessica O'Connor (image New York Post)

Woman Narrates How She Caught Her Boyfriend Cheating With Her Stepmom

Jessica O’Connor, a former participant of the reality TV show “Married at First Sight,” recently shared her worst nightmare on TikTok. In the video, which has garnered over 1.5 million views, O’Connor narrates the story of how she caught her boyfriend of four years cheating on her with her own stepmother, and the traumatic experience that followed.

O’Connor explains that she had gone out to dinner with her boyfriend, father, and stepmother, who had been together for 25 years. After returning to her dad and stepmom’s house, O’Connor woke up early the next morning to find her boyfriend missing from bed. She found him on the couch with a blanket covering him, and when she entered the dining room, she discovered two empty champagne glasses and two phones, presumably one belonging to her boyfriend and the other to her stepmother.

Cheating With Step Mom
Jessica O’Connor (image: New York Post)

Further investigation revealed that two chairs at the dining table were pulled out, as if two people had been sitting and having drinks. When O’Connor returned to the living room and pulled the cover off her boyfriend, he tried to get dressed in a rush and ended up revealing that he was wearing her stepmother’s lacy knickers.

O’Connor immediately woke up her stepmother and father and confronted them about the affair. Her stepmother attempted to cover it up by claiming that her boyfriend must’ve grabbed her underwear out of the laundry room by accident, but O’Connor found the basket empty and pointed out that the dusty dining table had two sets of handprints on it.

After kicking her boyfriend to the curb, O’Connor’s mental health took a serious turn, and she started going to therapy. She remained single for five years following the incident, and her father eventually divorced her stepmother.

The comments section of O’Connor’s TikTok video was filled with sympathy and shock. People were horrified by the traumatic experience she had to endure and expressed support for her recovery.


By Mandisa